Sleep Disorder

Lung and Sleep Disorder Center provides sleep disorder care in Bakersfield, CA. A sleep specialist will soon be your best friend. Healthy rest is an important part of our daily cycle. It allows our body and mind to reset and prepare for the morning. Your muscles recover, you process memories, and you get reenergized during this process. If your sleep is interrupted by certain conditions, your quality of life will begin to suffer. Find the restful sleep your body and mind needs through our reputable practitioners.

Sleep apnea is a common condition affecting countless people around the world. If you have ever snored yourself awake in the middle of the night, chances are you are suffering from a case of sleep apnea. The seriousness of the condition cannot be understated because it has significant side effects and ramifications. Many people go their whole lives without getting a diagnosis through sleep studies. Our sleep apnea treatment varies from patient to patient and depends on their needs, symptoms, and physiology.

Insomnia is another prevalent sleep disorder. Clinical insomnia is typified by difficulty falling or staying asleep. While the causes and remedies for insomnia are varied, the effects are extreme fatigue, lowered executive functions, and other problems. Long term insomnia can even be linked to depression, heart disease, and memory problems. Again, sleep is a critical part of your daily cycle. Without it, you expose yourself to a vast array of illnesses. Get professional insomnia treatment at the first sign of troubles.

Sleep disorder treatments are as varied as the causes of the disorders themselves. Our sleep disorder services include home sleep studies, lab sleep studies, sleep apnea treatment, insomnia treatment, and narcolepsy treatment. We have experienced doctors capable of accurately diagnosing and treating your particular condition. Speak to our friendly staff for more information!